Want to Learn Despacito? Learn it and You'll Know 100s of Other Songs Too!

pop songs scales Dec 08, 2017

With Despacito having become the watched Youtube video ever, I thought it would be cool to show you how if you learn Despacito, then you can play and sing 100s of other songs at the same time, let me explain.  

First: The Chords

Despacito is a very simple song that only uses 4 chords that repeat for the entirety of the song.  They are

Bm  G  D  A

This puts the song in the key of D Major. (B minor)

D Em F#m G A Bm C#dim D

If  we were to give them numbers, D=1, E=2, etc. Then the song becomes

vi IV I V

Knowing that, you can play the song in any key, pick a major scale, and just play those particular chords, then you can play the song in that place, higher or lower from the original.  Example:

Eb Fm Gm Ab Bb Cm Ddim Eb      This becomes

Cm Ab Eb Bb

Other Songs

Knowing that Despacito has a vi IV I V chords progression means that you can sing the melodies of other songs that have the same chord progression over it.  You can play...

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Phd Pianists Can't Play Happy Birthday!?

classical piano pop songs Nov 25, 2017

First I want to preface by saying that all of the following is 100% true, and quite unbelievable if you think about it.  

Also, if you think playing the piano is a many years endeavor and pursuit, then you are wrong.  Playing Clare de Lune may take a while, but pop songs?  not so much.  

1. The Classical Pianists

Many years ago, my piano teacher attended a recital of a very famous pianist at his university.  He was very well known in the community, and one of the greatest pianists of our time. After the recital was a reception.  

At this reception were dozens of pianists, some of the best pianists that this university had to offer.  Most of them were pursuing their masters and Phds.  

These pianists were in addition, some of the most virtuosic players you can imagine, some of the toughest music ever written for piano was within their grasp, no doubt about it.  We're talking Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto,...

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